The California Spain Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio California España - CSCC) is a nonprofit organization that promotes knowledge sharing and networking between businesses, academia, technology communities and individuals in California and Spain.

The programs of the California-Spain Chamber deal with hot topics and of relevant interest in areas of business, technology and leadership with specific industry focus: Technology, CleanTech, Venture Capital and International Trade, among others, with the goal of expanding to cover new areas as needs arise.

In essence, the California Spain Chamber primary functions are:

  • To become an ongoing platform for contact between people and companies in California and Spain,
  • To strengthen business, trade, investment and socio-cultural exchanges,
  • To provide new opportunities and facilitate resources.


Goals of the Chamber include:

  • Establish strong political/commercial relations in both ways
  • Attract companies from Spain to California and from California to Spain for investment or expansion
  • Provide Spanish certifications in California
  • Collaborate with the Spanish government and institutions
  • Californian partner with other Spanish Chambers of Commerce in Spain or in the U.S.
  • Serve as a conduit to Latin America (between Spain and Latin America)
  • Provide networking opportunities among Spanish & American companies and professionals
  • Build and enhance the reputation of Spain or Spanish members in California
  • Talent transfer & academia
  • Facilitate job opportunities


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