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IDESLI's Customized Linguistic Solutions

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The Idesli Team The Idesli Team

Business English & Spanish Training and Multilingual Translation & Interpreting. www.idesli.com

We are living in a world where businesses, regardless of size or industry, are striving to expand their market range globally.  This task entails more exposure to the world outside their country.  However, one of the most common, yet underrated challenges businesses face when undertaking such a task, is communication.

IDESLI International Institute of Linguistics, a women owned and operated company based in San Francisco, understands these challenges and specializes in creating customized linguistic solutions for a wide range of local and international entities.

“Whether you’re an individual looking to add a skill on your resume, or part of a company based abroad conducting business in the United States or organization providing services to a foreign-language speaking communities, we rely on our expert Language Instructors, Translators, and Interpreters to assist our clients in meeting their company’s linguistic needs as well as their clients’, in order to expand their network” Said IDESLI founders, Monica Vivanco (Mexico) and Carla Suhr (Spain), when asked to describe their approach.

Being bilingual in California is a must!  Now more than ever, companies doing business internationally need bilingual staff in all hierarchy levels, from executives to administrative employees.  IDESLI’s Business English and Spanish courses are customized according to the industry specific focus and or terminology a business requires.  Their dynamic On-site Service minimizes costs and time spent on commute by imparting their courses at their clients’ place of work.

Another essential tool for businesses wishing to internationalize or get that competitive advantage in the global market is Translation and Interpreting, which is an important component of IDESLI’s full linguistic support.  A multilingual website now presents one of the highest impact means of expanding a client base and securing greater sales volumes.  Having certified translation of any official document, from an entity’s Articles of Incorporation or an individual’s birth certificate or academic transcripts, is not only a commodity but also necessary for conducting business internationally.  Often businesses need representation at conferences, competitions, social events, etc.  In many instances, these opportunities to network are missed resulting in financial loss to the company for lack of bilingual personnel to attend such engagements.  IDESLI’s Interpreters are specialized in various industries and are able to accompany and represent companies at any event.

Is your company well equipped to address the challenges that our current global market poses?  IDESLI can help.

For an assessment of your company’s customized linguistic solutions, please visit www.idesli.com or speak with one of our experts by calling (415) 395-6590.

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