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The Meaning of the Word "Partner"

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PARTNER: The person that associates with other people in order to reach an objective.

This first post is devoted to the word "partner" because it is a word that I like but I'm always amazed at the ability we have to be cynical about. This would not be important if it would not affect the business. My experience as a mere observer is that the ancestral human being prevents rational control of the objectives.

Leaving aside the pulp fiction, I try to focus on the idea: "DON'T EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS IF YOU DON'T TRUST IN YOUR PARTNER".

It may seem a little weird that I am talking about it from Silicon Valley; but the truth is that here there's much more of it; many companies come every day from Spain and the first exercise they should have done before coming is to be sure that the partners are aligned in their objectives. Since this process is complicated, it's a pain for us all to jump and come to beat us in a market as complex as this just to find out that the greatest problem is to reach agreements with your partners to implement the plan.

Sorry if somebody feels under the spot, the truth is that I have nobody in mind and I have many, that I have seen time and again from Spain, but since I'm here I have seen many cases where distrust, jealousy, past histories, etc. are able to burn down a project. This is not easy, you need all the support you can gather and eventually it can also give a result: enormous satisfaction and a major economic success for all Partners, from here and from there, those who support and those who are supported.

I do not think this helps much, but honestly, today my partner said, "when you start to argue that you bring more, begins the reverse". So if you do not pursue the same goal do not bother to jump in... it is not worth it.

I do not think this will help much but if at least one person questions things in a different way there will be some worth to this post.

Not everyone is happy in the valley, sorry.

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Isabel Arcones

Isabel Arcones is a Co-Founder and Limited Partner at Inveready First Capital.

She is the former Managing Director of Grupo Zed and an executive in the mobile industry, internet and social media with international experience in Europe, US, Latin America, and APAC.

Website: www.linkedin.com/in/iarcones
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