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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 06:11

Café in Silicon Valley with Truphone

Karla Ponce de León: Representative at Truphone

Here is our program: Café in Silicon Valley. Stay tuned and check out our upcoming video interviews to spanish relevant companies and their CEOs, sharing their personal stories, reflecting on their business experiencies and providing valuable advice to follow on their footsteps (Note: Video in Spanish).

If you want to be considered for an interview, please contact:

cfernandez [at] californiaspainchamber.org

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Mobaloo se extenderá por California con asesoramiento de Ezequiel Triviño.

Con esta alianza estratégica, ambas compañías ofrecerán un interlocutor único para soluciones online y mobile. Orange Advertising integra con esta alianza la oferta de marketing mobile de Mobaloo para que su oferta llegue al mercado publicitario también a través del móvil, y aportará a la alianza su red de publishers y su know how del medio móvil. Orange Advertising y Mobaloo han anunciado hoy su alianza estratégica con el fin de convertirse en un único interlocutor para soluciones globales de comunicación online y mobile en el mercado publicitario. Bajo el lema “Juntos para llegar a donde quieras” se unen dos compañías que suman capacidad de cobertura (audiencia) con capacidad de innovación y desarrollo a través de nuevos formatos publicitarios tanto en entornos online como móvil.

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Saturday, 31 March 2012 23:49

The Wallet Wars

Often times innovation catches us by storm (Pinterest, anyone?). Sometimes, however, we can envision the disruption way in advance, we can formulate it and describe its advantages, but we may have to wait until the right conditions appear so that such innovation can bear fruit. Mobile Payments is one of such long-awaited promises of a brighter future, and as early as the first generation of digital handsets·

Recently we are getting signals that both the technology and the market are finally getting ripe for mobile payments. Both powerful incumbents and nimble startups are racing up to take positions on the space, scaling up their investments in an arms race of enormous proportions, because the trophy for the one who prevails would be no other than replacing your physical wallet with a digital one. Can you imagine? Walk into the store, grab a soda... no change? No worries: grab your phone, tap on the counter, and walk out of the door. Googbye coins, bills, checks, debit cards, credit cards... Yes, this disruption is a BIG ONE.

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