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Café in Silicon Valley with Pepe Pérez

Pepe Pérez, CEO at Nextinit 

Here is our program: Café in Silicon Valley. Stay tuned and check out our upcoming video interviews to spanish relevant companies and their CEOs, sharing their personal stories, reflecting on their business experiencies and providing valuable advice to follow on their footsteps (Note: Video in Spanish).

If you want to be considered for an interview, please contact:

cfernandez [at] californiaspainchamber.org

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The California Chamber of Commerce is glad to launch a new program for young professionals and entrepreneurs, who are seeking for trainings, inspirational talks and networking! 

This program will be based on monthly talks and conferences focused on:

  • Doing Business in SV: how to start your own business, incubation/acceleration programs, how to raise investments, pitch, and how to do networking.
  • Working in SV: how to orientate your job search, corporate programs for young professionals, and topics related to obtaining Visas.
  • Inspirational  and Tech Talks: Google, Internet and mobile companies experiences, success stories under 30, and topics such as trends, social media, innovation, big data, mobile, gaming and advertising.


  • Keynote "Tech Trends: what's going to happen in 2014" - Sergi Herrero, VP Payments and Mobile Financial Products, BNP Paribas
  • Disruptive Innovation and Service Design: "The value of the end to end user experience" - Hugo Giralt, Founding partner & CEO, Propelland 

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Sales Force Europe (SFE) has opened a new office in San Francisco.  SFE and the California-Spain Chamber of Commerce are pleased to collaborate and mutually extend their networks to their members and help them globalize and expand their business.

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Ceferí Soler Vicente, Associate Professor in the Departement of People Mangagement and Organisation in Esade, offered last thursday 24th in Reed Smith builiding the keys to change the world and talked about some of the tools corporations have to the course of our reality. He said that the Corporations of XXI need to think outside the box to ensuere constant and sustained growth. Soler Vicente finished his conference with one suggest: The power is in our hands to change the economic factors. 


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Thursday, 17 May 2012 21:07

Welcome to EXCAL in San Francisco

New Castilla and Leon's goods representant

ADE Internacional EXCAL, is an organism that depends upon the Government of the Spanish region of Castile and Leon (Junta de Castile and Leon) whose mission is to stimulate the internationalization of the companies located in this Spanish region.

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The California-Spain Chamber of Commerce kicked-off it's "First Connect-Working" -  an interesting and useful brainstorming session with approximately 60 participants. You can read the highlights in this dinamic presentation: 

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 06:26

The Meaning of the Word "Partner"

PARTNER: The person that associates with other people in order to reach an objective.

This first post is devoted to the word "partner" because it is a word that I like but I'm always amazed at the ability we have to be cynical about. This would not be important if it would not affect the business. My experience as a mere observer is that the ancestral human being prevents rational control of the objectives.

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Monday, 23 April 2012 17:41

First Connect-Working


The California Spain Chamber of Commerce is coming together with a pioneer institution in the Valley: The·AESV (Asociación de Españoles en Silicon Valley) for an interesting and interactive event to get to know each other and brainstorm on opportunities to improve the awareness of the Spanish Community to the strength of other European Communities.

Who's who in the Bay Area Spaniards Community?

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